Scott and Juli - Are Happily Married

Many photographers warn you to never “take pictures for your friends' weddings.” However, I have yet to experience a case in which that is not the best kind of wedding. For me as a wedding photographer, I really get into the day's events and try to mesh well with the bride and groom and showcase their faces and expressions. I love it when other friends and family look at pictures and say, “that is totally a Juli face.” That’s when I know I succeeded.

Unlike other couples where I have no prior relationship, I actually grew up with Scott and Juli and have the great honor of calling them friends. Needless to say, I was really excited they asked me to do their wedding. When I photograph a wedding, I get to see and experience more of the wedding than anyone else, which is a lot of pressure and a huge honor that is given to me. The more I like the bride and groom, the more stressed I find myself, because--um well, I don’t want to blow it. ;)

Let me also take a moment and say how awesome everyone else in the wedding party and everyone at the wedding were. Everyone always thinks the photographer “creates” beautiful images, but in a lot of ways I tend to capture more beautiful moments than I create during weddings. So most of the pressure is on the people, and most of the glory should go to them. You can tell these people were a lot of fun, and it was my job to capture that. I guess I am trying to say it’s not about having a nice camera; it’s about having great people . ;)


Peter M.

P.S Also, Amy Hayes--you rock! She does great at coordinating weddings and being a photographer’s best friend. If you don’t know about her work as a baby photographer, then you are missing out. I would caution you though--don’t look at her work if you don’t have a baby because if you do you might consider getting one just so she can take your baby pictures.