Talia & Duncan's Desert Wedding

Susannah (Peter's wife) here. Getting to blog again for my guy. :) 

Our first wedding we got to shoot together after getting married was a definite winner. We got to go to Central Oregon and have a mini-vacation/work weekend. (Adventures with my favorite person are the best). We got to stay in a trailer and enjoy glorious, wide-open sky. 

 With only four months to plan, Talia had the crazy idea to have a winter desert wedding. And a bunch of people who loved them helped make it happen. It was such a blessing to be a part of day with so much love invested in it. 

Talia and her girls got ready at her cute-as-can be house, which matched her personality with it's creative and beautiful decor (not to mention, chickens in the back yard!). There was an abundance of boots and lacy dresses and retro makeup and big hair. 

The wedding was out in the middle of nowhere, miles down a back road. They had rented trailers for people to stay in, and it was the first wedding I've ever been to where it was more of a wedding weekend than a wedding day--complete with homemade biscuits and gravy the next morning. (!!!)

The ceremony was so unique with everyone standing in a semicircle around them, the wish lanterns, and even confetti! (I believe very strongly in confetti.)

It was just a straight-up awesome wedding. Boot-stomping and whiskey-filled, with plenty of hollering and happiness. 

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR