10 Random Thoughts of Peter Mahar

1. When I Ran For School President: I did the classic home schooler mistake and cared.  

2. Quote When I Worked At the Pizzeria: At work my coworker was standing next to the leak in the ceiling (with water drops landing on his arm) and said "It's like I'm being touched by an Angel!" And I replied "Except its water, and it might be contaminated..."


3. Smart Phones: Never seem to work when you need them to.


4. Apple Computers: You pay twice as much to get half as much power. Now That's Good Marketing!


5. Being Technical: Don't you hate it when you try to give an expression and then someone else gets all technical with it? Like, "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!" They respond "Ok, that's actually impossible. In 1978 fifty Asians attempted to eat a horse, none succeeded and half of them died."


6. Two Kind of People In This World: People that laugh when other people fall down, and people that push people down to get a laugh.


7. Comic Idea: I go up on stage for an important address, however I trip and fall on my face. Laying on the ground with my head on the carpet I say "It smells like lavender."


8. My Niece: I go out of the house forgetting my coffee. So naturally I come back in with a face that I forgot something, Lily (2yrs) says "You forgot somthin Uncle Peter? You forget a kiss from me?"


9. Laughing Feels Better: Life is a joke to me. What I mean by that is when things are going bad or sad for me I try to look at my life as a sitcom and I'm the viewer. Chances are, the circumstances I am in are actually funny. Like breaking down twice in the same day and spending the night in a junk yard.


10. Bless You: Have you ever sneezed. Waited 10 min then looked down and realized you had snot all over your shirt? Ya, neither have I.


Happy Tuesday!


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR