Kyle + Megan | Columbia Gorge Hotel Wedding

mk blog 69.jpg

Our last wedding before our baby #3 break! This was a perfect wedding to go out on. Kyle & Megan are our favorite kind of couple—there to have fun, surrounded by great friends and family, and just super into each other. Also our first wedding at the stunning Columbia Gorge Hotel. Pretty unreal—cliff-hanging views of the gorge and river, beautiful gardens, and their very own waterfall cascading into the Columbia! The ceremony location especially was stunning. Loved getting to witness both of their 30+ year married parents and the sense of the two families uniting. FUN FACT: there were four different wedding guests with sets of crutches in attendance at this wedding. Pretty sure that breaks a very niche record?

Chris + Shannon | Olympia, Washington Wedding

cs blog 71.jpg

Chris & Shannon got married in Olympia at her late father’s cabin, on a gorgeous peninsula, where all the guests got to travel to by boat. A beautiful ceremony including their family, with elements from Hawaiian tradition, complete with the blowing of the conch shell! A fantastic boat party after cocktail hour on the way to their reception at Hands On Children’s Museum—I kept texting my wife pictures, we can’t wait to take our boys here. What a cool place, and the perfect venue where the passel of kids (and adults!) got to play to their heart’s content!

Ben made the trek up with me + second shot like a hero as usual.