We're Peter & Susannah.

We love laughing (and eating). Being married and loving the heck out of each other is our favorite thing. 


We love weddings that are big & crazy. Small & intimate.  Unplugged. At a waterfall. In the middle of nowhere. That have ice cream. Food trucks. Lots of alcohol. All-night dancing. Crazy weather. Weepy fathers-of-the-bride. Bonfires. Brides that aren't afraid of rain. Couples that can't keep their hands off each other.


OUR game plan

No time constraints, no limit on photos, no hidden fees. We don't want you to worry about counting hours, missing out on photos, or waiting months to get your package. We're there for the whole story, we give you all the best photos. We personally edit each image to be as beautiful, honest, and true-to-the-moment as possible. Our packages include two photographers, high-resolution images, and everything you need for full-coverage & peace-of-mind. We also offer unique, story-telling albums, engagement sessions, and provide a photo booth if that's your jam. Please contact us for our current pricing as prices vary based on time of year and location of your wedding. 


We love hanging out together, traveling (and coming home to our bed & Netflix), and sharing/fighting over frosties. We believe in belly laughs, crazy families, happy tears and jumping on the bed. Our job makes us feel like we won the lottery. A wedding is a great party and a celebration of a brand-spanking-new marriage, and we're pretty crazy about both of those things. Portland, Oregon is our home, and we're always glad for an excuse for a new destination wedding adventure. 



We start nudging each other and falling in love when we start hearing things like "we're less about the perfect day and more about the real moments" and "we're not into super posed, impersonal photos". We love it when couples make their day about who they are, and less about what's "normal", expected, or trendy. If you wanna cut the cake, we vote smash itIf you want to leave on a slip & slide, do it. This is your wedding, and it shouldn't look like anyone else's. 


Photos by Lucia Morud