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We combined the benefits of closed booths + open booths. Our booth fits 1-6 people for fantastic, squishy, crazy photos. The closed & studio-lit environment creates maximum-quality images. Since it's enclosed, people don't feel shy to really open up and get crazy. But let's be honest, if you have enough drinks at your wedding, that's not gonna be a problem. 

Studio lighting

Because we have an enclosure, we can have controlled white balance and lighting. No interruptions with lack of light or too much light. We built our booth to function like a mini studio on "wheels". The tent acts as a huge soft box that our strobes can bounce off of and reflect onto the people. You freeze all the action and capture beautifully crisp, perfectly-exposed images. 


top-notch EQUIPMENT

Just because someone has an DSLR camera doesn't mean they know how to use it. We love the dancing photos at weddings, and as professional photographers, we wanted to bring that same level of quality and fun into our booths. An easy-to-use touchscreen interface & wicked-fast printer, a full-frame DSLR (D800), a 35mm prime lens, and two off-camera flashes = studio quality photos right at your event.  

SIMPLe prints

We offer two options because we believe that they are the only two best options. A simple and elegant 4x6 printed photo that you can give to your guests, or a 2x6 photo strip that looks great put up wherever they want to see it most. 

CLEAN Design

We never clutter up an image with words or "interesting" art. Why take away from the photo? We believe a photo should stand alone and focus on the fabulous people. We make the photos available for online use and sharing.


It’s about you and your buddies, not you and your pom poms. We've always loved the classy, simple, and people-focused old-school photo booths. Those are the ones that get us to dig in our pockets for spare change.