Keven & Hannah | Hug Point Engagement Session

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I don't normally go to the coast for engagement sessions, but every time I do I always think, "why don’t I do this all the time?? Our adventure engagement session with Hannah and Kevin at Hug Point was nuts. Five minutes before I arrived, it was pouring down rain. But as soon right as I got there, the rain stopped and the weather started looking hopeful (even though the forecast had said 100% chance of rain for the next 4 hours). I ran down to the rock face to make sure the tide was far enough back to enable us to get to the water fall. It was not. When they arrived, we had a decision to make—explore the paths around the area and hope for a way down or head to another beach. To my surprise, they said let’s explore! Within minutes of walking, I totally biffed it, mud everywhere, everything was soaked, so even though it was not raining we got drenched After falling down, I asked again, “are you guys sure you wanna keep going?” They were still rarin’ to go.

Anytime there’s crazy weather (high winds, rain, freezing cold, etc) I always get the best energy and emotion out of my people. This session had it all—crazy climbing, freezing water, lots of wind, and frantically taking photos on the sand then running as fast as we can back up the rocks so we don’t get hit by the waves. I only got hit by a wave once, which came up almost to my waist. My cameras did take a beating but hey, that’s what’s insurance is for, right? ;)

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR

Jonah & Hannah | Sky Helicopter Hangar Canada Wedding

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We already wanted to do Jonah and Hannah’s wedding and be a part of their day, but then Jonah dropped a bomb. Near the end of our consultation he told me “we are thinking about taking a helicopter up onto a mountain and do some photos”. WHAT?! I remember seeing another photographer’s work of the couple coming out of a helicopter and thought, dang will I ever be able to have an opportunity like that? But to be able to fly in one myself and to go to a mountain? Never thought that would be possible. If you look closely you will see a photo where Hannah is walking in the snow bare foot! High altitude, very little time, almost no oxygen, and Jonah and Hannah walked around and put up with my yelling over the wind like champs. They would have done Gandalf proud if they'd gone with him to destroy the One Ring. And they would have been no fools because they had a helicopter.

The reception was at the Sky Helicopters in Vancouver, Canada. And if I ever am up there again, I think I will try to take another helicopter ride and soak it all in. Our little outing was was too fast.

Jonahs Suits by: Cardero Clothing

Amazing Sushi by: Sushi Private Cater

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR