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Erich & Keely

"Where do I even start with this couple...they are AMAZING! They have a great energy about them and you can tell they love what they do...and each other very much! They both made us feel like they were as excited as we were that we were getting married! I think it's safe to say we had a couples crush on these guys!" Click for full reviews.



"He does amazing work, every time, regardless of location, weather, circumstances- he is WONDERFUL! Not only are he and his wife Susannah extremely skilled, they have an amazing energy that is wonderful on the big day. If just the portfolio isn't enough, book a meeting with Peter and Susannah- you will not regret it." 


"Everyone who sees our photos can't believe how beautiful and alive they are, and on top of that, how quickly and professionally everything was done... We would absolutely recommend Peter's work to anyone who wants their pictures to be more than photos, and instead tell the beautiful story of your special day."                             



"They also went above and beyond for us. Peter delivered my wedding dress to the venue after one of the buses broke down and Susannah was grabbing me water all while taking incredible pictures. Seriously these people are magical. I still can’t believe they exist."

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DONNY & Alexis 

"There are no other photographers we would have preferred to laugh, cry, and SWEAT with, than Peter and Susannah. From the first minute of our engagement shoot to our tequila-infused hugs at 2 AM in the Playa del Carmen hotel lobby, we will cherish every minute of the experience."