How much space does the booth take up?

The booth enclosure is 5x5. So a space that is a little bigger then that works great. Also, some people want a small table of some kind to have props on. That's it! 

Will you travel?

Heck yes! The first 50 miles round trip is free--miles beyond that are billed at $0.50 per mile. 

Do you need power? 

We are good-to-go with one simple outlet that powers our whole box, including the printer for your unlimited prints.

Can you have a setup outside?

Yes! But gotta have that outlet for prints. It's also a huge help if it's level ground. 

Do you require a deposit?

We do 50% of the total as a deposit to hold the date. The rest is due before or at the event. Cash or check is great. We also accept credit cards if that's better for you. 

Can you do custom logos?

We offer the option of a hashtag at the bottom of your photos--we believe anything more distracts from the crazy moments and the quality of the images.

Do you provide props?

Our favorite photos aren’t about the props—they’re about the relationships. But if that’s your jam, we believe in relevant, personalized props that don’t distract from the moment, but are unique to you two and your day. We provide a simple, classic selection, but we encourage couples to provide their own props that fit with who they are.


YES! We love high quality photos and getting the color, sharpness, and lighting spot-on are all musts for us! 

If we don't print at the event, can we still get prints later?

Absolutely! For all of our events, all the photos will be available online for download (for free!) and there is printing options right there on the site for you! 

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use a Nikon D800 (full frame) with a 35mm f/1.4 lens to ensure the best picture quality! Our touchscreen is a Microsoft Surface Pro, and our printer is Bravia 21.