Story book Wedding Albums

We believe one of the best ways to enjoy your wedding photos is holding them in your hands, flipping through, and remembering all the happiness, tears, and cake smashing. Pictures aren't meant to just be stored on your computer or thrown in a box--there's nothing quite like a beautiful wedding album to make you feel cozy and starry-eyed all over again toward that smokin' hot person you married.

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8.75 X 11.25”

Not too big and not too small but just right. We have tried over 10 different album companies and researched dozens more in search of the perfect album. One of our favorite things about our albums is how they feel in your hand. Perfect. They are not too heavy and bulky that makes it feel burdensome to look though your photos, yet it’s not too light and flimsy that it feels cheap and breakable. It truly feels like a story book. It’s going to be used and looked at a lot.

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Max page count

No you don’t buy our base model and then later we up sale you on more spreads at crazy prices. No we don’t offer a crappy “starter” album that you can then later upgrade to the album you really want but but feel like your getting taken advantage of. We design, start to finish, the album that we would want on our shelves and that we are proud of. Because we are in complete control and offer only one option we obsess that it’s perfect and stays true to the story of your day. Our albums are 80-90 pages!

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LAY-flat Binding

Another way it’s going to feel really good flipping though is due to the layflat binding. No crazy tight binding where the book keeps closing on it’s self. Breathtaking full spreads make the photos even more impressive when they open up beyond a 16x11 sized print.

Story book album



Engagement Guest Sign in Book13.jpg

same quality album

Still utilizing the perfect album size of 8.75 x 11.25” we craft some of your best photos from our adventure engagement session together. Not only is the adventure engagement session a great way to get to know each other, it’s also a great time get comfortable in front of the camera so come wedding day your pros.

Engagement Guest Sign in Book3.jpg

designed with purpose

We take all the best images from your engagement session and create a finished album typically 15-30 pages. These albums have more negative space on most of the pages to create the perfect guest sign in book at your wedding.

Our Wedding EA 760.jpg


Don’t use a generic sign book for your wedding day. Let us create a truly breath taking album of the two of you that guests and family can enjoy and also share their love and wishes with the two of you. Every-time you look back you get to see the advice, love, and special notes your friends and family left.

Engagement Guest Sign in Book4.jpg

Engagement sign in book



Photobooth EA 27.jpg


Cram all your friends and family into one shot. We love photobooths because people tend to loosen up way more then someone walking up and asking to take their photo. Having an open booth set up allows anyone to come up and get a really nice and sometimes really fun photo taken of them.

Photo Booth Sean and Tate9.jpg

HIGH quality

Because we use a high end studio flash for lighting and our normal high end DSLR’s that we shoot your wedding with, every photo that is taken is studio quality. Our goal is if we happen to capture that perfect moment of your friends really letting loose you have the abality to print it any size you want and still have it look amazing.

Photobooth EP 13 (1).jpg

always different

We purspofully don’t bring back drops or provide props for three main reasons. 1 We love taking advantage of the venue walls as another means to showcase where you got married. 2 Not everyone is into props and we don’t like sharing germs. So if props are your thing you can bring your own flavor to your day. 3 Becasue we don’t provide props or backdrops our set up is really easy and streamlined which means we don’t have to charge as much as typlical photobooth companies!

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Time of booking discounts



COMPLETE ADD-ON PACKAGE | $1700 (Normally $2225)

·    2 hour engagement session

·    Engagement sign in book

·    Story book wedding album

FAVORITE ADD-ON PACKAGE | $1300 (Normally $1575)

·    1 hour engagement session

·     Story book wedding album

Story Book ALBUM | $900 (Normally $1100)

·     Story book wedding album



·    2 hours of coverage



 ·    2 hour engagement session | $575

·    1 hour engagement session | $475

·    Additional hour of coverage | $275/hr

·    Parent Albums | $575

·    Photobooth album 8x11 | $475



destination wedding info

Seattle | $300

Central Oregon | $150 + 2 nights at a hotel

All other destinations | any transportation costs + 2 nights at a hotel