Zak & Jessica | Pronghorn Resort, Central Oregon Wedding

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I feel like we talk about the weather a lot for our wedding blog posts. But that's because as wedding photographers, the weather plays a huge role in the day. Every drive to the wedding, Susannah and I pray for good weather, that things would go well, and that everyone would have a good time. We're not necessarily worried about rain, snow, or high winds, we're worried that unfavorable weather will make everyone sad. And no one should be sad on their wedding day. We are primarily moment photographers; we love capturing people on their wedding day with all the emotions it brings. Let's face it, most people don't remember much from their wedding the day after, so the more we can document and showcase more of the story the more we feel like were doing our job right. 

Well, this very cold and very windy day in Bend, Oregon, at the Pronghorn Resort, had us a little worried if everyone would be okay with it. But our bride and groom, Jessica and Zak, were nothing less than kickass and still game, not only to have the ceremony outside, but brave the freezing wind for most of their formal photos. To us, a little interesting weather always spices up the wedding day. Some of our favorite memories at weddings have been when the weather was not "perfect." So our advice to you people engaged and about to be married, enjoy your day. No matter what happens. Rain or shine, wind or calm, freezing cold or crazy hot, just. have. fun. Grab that day by the horns and don't look back, after all, YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED! Things aren’t going to be "perfect", that's what life is all about. But the people that find joy in adversity always have the most fun!

Wedding Coordinator: Magadalyn Hasse

Florist: Summer Robbins-Sutter

Cake Artist: Foxtail Bakeshop

Makeup Artist: Makeup Mafia

DJ: DJ Chuck Boogie

Videography: MY WIFE! 

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR

Kelly & Taylor | Scholls Valley Lodge Wedding

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Our last wedding of the summer season! On the most perfect September day you could ask for. Kelly & Taylor's wedding was just incredible. The Scholls Valley Lodge, beautiful as always, stunning details from Luxe Event Productions, some of the best & fanciest wedding food we've ever had, but most importantly, a couple who was giddy-in-love with each other. We loved how Taylor gave Kelly journals that she'd written in every day for the year leading up to their wedding, how Kelly got her grandma's diamond turned into a necklace, how the officiant who had married her parents was the one who performed their ceremony, and how they enjoyed each other all day.