Scott & Caitlin | Five Pine Lodge, Sisters, Oregon

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We got to have a just-us getaway at one of our favorite places to photograph and relax, Five Pine Lodge in Sisters, Oregon for Scott & Caitlin's wedding. There was a lot of leftover scrappy snow when we arrived the day before, but when we woke up wedding morning, it was almost blizzarding--plenty of beautifully fresh snow for photos! But also a drench-you-in-seconds type of situation outside. But as usual, the crazier the weather, the better the wedding!

It cleared up off & on, and by the time the first look rolled around, the sun was out for good and the rest of the day was gorgeous and dry. Scott & Caitlin toughed out the goosebumps and snowflakes on eyelashes and looked like a million bucks! 

Clark & Erika | Columbia Gorge Snowy Engagement

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It always seems the more difficult the shoot weather, the better the photos. Shooting in the freezing cold snow with high winds does not disappoint. The energy and tension it created for Clark and Erica's engagement photos was so much fun! 

When we first met Clark and Erica in our home, we found out that he does search & rescue work around Mt. Saint Helens. As soon as I heard that, I knew I had to take these guys for-a-not-so-typical engagement session.