Packaging - Branding

This year I have set some goals for Peter Mahar Photography, one of which is getting a clearer, sharper brand. What I mean by that is honing in on a more clear image of what Peter Mahar Photography is all about. Needless to say I think I have some work cut out for me ;)  

Packaging is still in the works but happens to be one of the areas in which I am gaining progress and a more clear vision. I like Clean, Elegant, and Simple things. Don’t make things complicated for me, and don’t make things too busy either.


Anyway here is some samples of packing that I have been doing for clients and the like. I might add that most of the material used is from recycled material ;)

Recycled paper and custom stamps are becoming favorites. Not to mention awesome brown stock cards! I just put an order in for recycled CD cases as well ;)

If you are interested I might do a post with more information on price points for these items and some of the customization I do to them to help make them more Peter Mahar.


Happy Monday Kids!

Peter M.