Go Big Or Go Home

When it comes to wedding books there is often many different schools of thought for how one should execute the project. Some go for the scrapbook approach trying to fit all their wedding day pictures in one 50 page book. Some go for the over photoshoped approach, having pictures that are foggy on the edges. Or there's the pictures that are all black and white except the red roses. Let's not forget the pictures that have contrast so high you can't make out the detail. I hate all of that stuff, I think it's cliche and overused. The scrapbook feel is too cluttered and non professional looking, and too many effects on the images takes away from the actual content. -

What do I do? I KISS the book (Keep It Simple Stupid). My FAVORITE to make is the 12x12 book. It's big and beautiful, not to mention you really get to see the images up close. I primarily do one picture per page which ends up making the book 70+ pages. I want each photo to stand on it's own, make an impact, and tell the story. Not only does it make the overall feel cleaner, but it really let's you appreciate and soak in  each image. The times when I do around 4 photos on the page is when I am doing what I call a "time line" (a series of photos that tell one moment in time).


The Wedding album for me is a piece of Art, a story book, and an experience.