A Sober Remembrance

I was planning on waiting to tell you all, however it has been forever since I posted and some might be wondering "why hasn't Peter posted all over Facebook lately???" ;) Well I have been really busy designing a new site which is clearly not done yet but, Lord willing, it will be posted soon! I was looking back at some of my old sites and it's very sobering seeing where I have come from. I wanted to publicly thank my Dad for always being a huge (point of sticking out) encouragement to me. Not to mention being a great editor at times, Lord knows I need it.  

I would also like to thank many other people but can't list them all out here. So many wedding couples from last year have been so amazing to me. Thank you for everything from trusting me on your wedding day, to being kind and generous after the wedding. I cannot express how much power and encouragement that is to me to keep on going and improving. Also thank you to so many friends and family that always give me great feedback on my work, site, and even character ;)


A huge thanks to many of you other professional photographers that I look up to and call friends that have given me great advice and been there to talk about basic photography problems. Like when a client asks, "can't you just Photoshop his head off and make him smile?"


It is also humbling looking back at past work, knowing how far I have come. Also incredibly daunting when I look ahead because of how much further I have to go. I hope to keep God not just in my sights this year, but have him be my leader and provider. Trusting him to give me my daily bread and not worry about tomorrows!


Here are a couple screen shots of some of my old sites.





An old post from my old blog called



What would you do for that one shot? I am of course referring to photography “shot”. Not the traditional “shot at your dreams”. Well for the light-hearted photographer, probably not much. But for you die-hard photographers out there, (you know who you are) you would go through lengths to get that shot. Right?


Well I would. I would even go through the lengths of lying in a street, at twelve o’clock at night, new years day. Sounds crazy right? None sense, it was completely safe…or so I thought. Lying there with my eyes transfixed on the lens in front of me to get a self-portrait, I set the timer for five sec, with a ten sec shutter. *Click. The shutter opens and I stay still, very still, like looking at a motion bomb right in the eye, any movement and all is done for, the picture would be blurry. One second goes by. Then two. Followed by three. Then I hear a car behind me. Most of them turning the corner, I thought I would do the “risky business” and stay lying down taking my chances, you know not to mess up the shot. Four. Five. Eyes still transfixed on the lens I see headlights reflecting off the Nikon glass, like two cat eyes in the dark starring right back fearlessly into mine. Six. Heart pounding. Seven. Eight. *Honk*. I fly up, as if a bee just stung my butt. Grabbing my camera, move to the side. Nine. Ten. *Click*.


Then, after erecting myself up off the ground, I gave a hearty hello wave to the man in the van. He stared back, with a gaze of bewilderment, anger, caution, with a little shock mixed in the “drink of emotion”. I was “shaken, not stirred.”


Taking a deep breath, inhaling the sulfuric air from fireworks, mixed with a blanket of salty sweat from the humidity, I felt calm once more, just a little sick. Some might call me crazy. I might even call me crazy, but hey I got some cool shots. I even got one by mistake, but it took a near death experience to get it. I hope you like it.


Cheers, and Happy New Years

Peter M.


Packaging - Branding

This year I have set some goals for Peter Mahar Photography, one of which is getting a clearer, sharper brand. What I mean by that is honing in on a more clear image of what Peter Mahar Photography is all about. Needless to say I think I have some work cut out for me ;)  

Packaging is still in the works but happens to be one of the areas in which I am gaining progress and a more clear vision. I like Clean, Elegant, and Simple things. Don’t make things complicated for me, and don’t make things too busy either.


Anyway here is some samples of packing that I have been doing for clients and the like. I might add that most of the material used is from recycled material ;)

Recycled paper and custom stamps are becoming favorites. Not to mention awesome brown stock cards! I just put an order in for recycled CD cases as well ;)

If you are interested I might do a post with more information on price points for these items and some of the customization I do to them to help make them more Peter Mahar.


Happy Monday Kids!

Peter M.

Woody and Stacy Engagement - Mt. Hood

I wont exhaust the page with to many words and let the pictures speak for themselves. This absolutely fun couple did all the crazy things I asked them to do! When the couples have “buy in,” (willing to step out of their comfort zone to try new thing) magic happens.




Peter M.

That Was Last Year

How does one sum up a year in one blog post? Personally I don’t think it can be done, and sadly I might be leaving out big things, even important things. But if there is any take away from this let it be that when you fix your eyes on Him, start loving others, and trust Him you just might have an epically, amazing, awesome year!  

I moved back from Florida in November 2011 and started doing wedding photography full time. I would lie if I didn’t say I was scared at times or even didn’t trust that I would make next months rent. The winter was scary but the summer was exciting. When the summer hit it really felt like a job, like I was doing something. Some people were referred, some people were friends, some people were recommended, and some people heard about me on craigslist!

The Piano Fort was an awesome music venue I went to a few times last year.

One of my adorable nieces


I not only got to meet this awesome photographer, but I also was able to shoot a wedding with him!

Publically I would like to thank God, family, and friends for believing in me, challenging me, and pushing me to go further. Also the different bride and grooms that allowed me to tell their wonderful stories, so many weddings this year were so encouraging to see and be able to document!



Got excited at the beach.

Dominated at most pushup contests...


We had lots of fires, but I don't know if we had enough.

Me and a bunch of cool people I climbed St Helens with.

I took pictures of food and ate it ;)

I visited family in Cap Cod

I was on a boat.

My crazy but beautiful sisters, and mom

My grandfather turned 90!

Me being the youngest dork in my family.

Branden Harvey is another cool guy I met this year. He lives an awesome life by actively loving the people around him. He might be one of the nicest and genuine people I have met!


I photo bombed an awesome family's Christmas photo!

I am making photo bombing cool again.

I hiked Saint Helens, I traveled, I played games, I watched all the Lord of the Rings in 24hrs again, I fell in love with reading, I shot guns, I failed at planting a garden, I made copious amounts of pizza, I cut down my first Christmas tree, and I just wrote a really long sentence. I also fell on my face (literally and figuratively) and know some amazing people that helped me get back up. Here’s to 2013 (the year with 0123 in it), the year of more trusting!


I want to end this with something my friend found on the Internet that was very encouraging:



1. Constantly compare yourself to other artists

2. Base the success of your entire career on one project

3. Stick with what you know

4. Undervalue your expertise

5. Let money dictate what you do

6. Bow to societal pressures

7. Do whatever the client asks

8. Set unachievable/overwhelming goals to be accomplished tomorrow




A Man and His Best Friend

I have the great privilege of being able to tell peoples' stories. Sometimes with words, and other times with just photographs. It is a skill I am learning and always picking up new things. I would still consider myself an amateur in the art, trying to learn the most possible.   A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph Ron with his favorite dog, Brier. The two are inseparable, yet time and location has decided the two will have to part ways. They are moving and are unable to bring the dog with them, which has made it a very hard time. My task was to document their morning ritual  that they would always do together. Ron would take him out on a walk along their 288-acre property and give Brier treats along the way, tossing the ball, and warmly stroke his head, telling him “that’s a good boy.”  The sight is truly heartwarming, and shows how much of a bond is possible between a man and his dog. I have seen many dogs and dog owners and have always seen them have fun, but never a bond quite like Ron's and Brier's. As we walked along the gravel driveway, Ron started telling me more about Brier's past and when he got him. Ron used to breed German Shorthaired Pointers, having a total of 12 at one point. I am used to what the breeding language is, however I have virgin ears that are not used to older people using it so bluntly. He casually stated, “We had a lot of strong well-trained dogs, our best  bitch and sire we gave to a new couple that were starting out breeding, and I had told them they would make fine pups.”  We stopped along the path as Brier flew past us in complete joy. “A good twenty years passed before I ended up getting Brier. I hadn’t been breeding dogs for a long time and I wanted a dog for the farm.”   We continued along the gravel path as Ron would gaze in the distance whenever he would talk about Brier. “I found a couple that were breeding German Shorthairs and gave them a ring.” When Ron met the couple he found Brier and knew in his gut that he was the right one. He asked them how much he was and they simply said he was free for Ron. “What do you mean, free?” he asked, puzzled, knowing the value of such dogs.     They just smiled and said, “Don’t you remember us? We are the couple you sold two German Shorthairs twenty years ago. This pup (Brier) is a descendent of them, they both served us very well over the years and we don’t think it would be right to charge you.”   I, Peter, freaked when I heard this, ITS LIKE THE CIRCLE OF LIFE! Not that I believe in that, but I do believe in the movie Lion King.

Anyway, that was their start and they have had eight amazing years together. These pictures bring me much joy and sadness at the same time!



Winter Wedding - Portland

Congratulations to Ryan and Anjee! They heard about me through a coworker that Ryan works with, so they gave me a call and right away we hit it off. They are incredibly nice people and know how to have a good time. With trains, cookies, snowflakes, dancing, and umbrellas, how could I not love these two. I love all those things!  

With that, I hope you enjoy their story told through these photographs!


What is better then a winter wedding? A winter wedding that starts out with sugar cookies!

They had adorable little bells that the guests could ring whenever they wanted the bride and groom to kiss.

They had an awesome illusionist that everyone loved! Really fun idea for a wedding!


Family and Legacy

First and foremost I would like to thank my grandpa for sharing stories and his legacy with me and others. Also his commitment to always living a good life with purpose and taking care of the things that God blesses you with.

Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa!


Family is very important to me. Not just the ones I grew up with or the ones I know best. I also love the family that raised my parents, and their family that raised them. It’s important because family is about the past, present, and future, which all leave a legacy.

In my family's past you will find much failure, but you will also find much success. You will find hardships, times of plenty and times of want. You will find travelers, artists, teachers, bakers, farmers, and many more skilled workers. The older generations carry with them vast wisdom from life lived, and if we have a listening ear, we might learn a thing or two about how to live better today. It’s easy to want to cover up things in the past--hurts, bad choices, that one uncle that no one talks about.

However, we forget that family is not about being perfect. It’s not about always making the right decisions. This makes me happy because I don’t know anyone’s family that doesn’t have hurts, struggles, and sin. If it were about having perfect families, we would all fall short and it would be a very depressing fact. We are coming into the Christmas season to celebrate the birth of our Savior and even he came from a line of sinful men and women. Let's not cover up the past--embrace it and let it show Christ’s grace that flows out from your family. It can transform lives and repair broken relationships.

After you look at the past generations and gain wisdom and lessons from them, you then have to live in the present with the crazy family you have right now. I think I speak for everyone when I say “I have the craziest family.” They might be crazies, but I love them. They know how to push my buttons, tear me down, and build me up. Because we grow up with them we tend to extend less grace because they should “know” better when they hurt us, right? But that is not the gospel. Jesus was born to save us. While we were still sinners he came and died for us, not because we deserved it, but because of grace.

Finally, how we live today will affect the future generations. We can’t just eat whatever we want, or live anywhere, or buy anything. Everything we do will have some sort of affect on future generations, good or bad. Many of our fathers and grandfathers rose to the occasion of protecting us during World War 2, fought the great depression, and passed legislation, all of what leads us to today's struggles and successes.

So what is your legacy going to be? Will you look back at history and learn wisdom and see God's grace? Will you live in the present by loving your family and showing them the grace Christ has shown you? Will you act now and plan for the future? It starts with working hard, becoming artists, bankers, lawyers, judges, farmers, doctors, architects, all in the name of Christ and His kingdom. Sing loud, eat well, play hard, live a fantastic life, and in the end, may He get all the glory.


Scott and Juliana – Engagement

As a photographer I strive to capture people in the purest of senses. Trying to get that smile or smirk that only your closest of friends know you have. Many times photographers face challenges of shy, reserved, and almost expressionless people. We have to draw them out trying to capture their true colors.  

I believe everyone has an amazing smile, a smile that shows emotion and causes a feeling for us viewers. It’s almost like the inner beauty surfaces for literally millimeters of a second, and it’s the photographer’s job to capture it!


I am so excited about these photos because Scott and Juli could not contain their inner beauty. I like to say I work with friends not clients and with this couple it’s no different. They are both incredibly kind, generous, and funny. And I could not be more excited about telling their amazing story!


This adorable couple rocked it to say the least. They did all my stupid quirky exercises, and played along with my suggestions. It was raining on and off so we were running from cover to cover. Not to mention the amazing Susannah helped out which made the photos even better!


Peter M.


I kinda love this

Photoshoot Seattle

Every time I visit Seattle I always seem to have an amazing time. Beside the poor weather, this trip was no different. John and Nancy always show me great hospitality and I always love catching up with old friends up there. In fact I will be doing another post latter on some of the more recreational stuff we did there!

Yup that's me on a roof!


Happy Thursday everyone!

Peter M

Getting Organized - Made Easy

Okay Guys and Gals!Here is a simple tip for getting your photos organized next year!


Here is picture examples incase the video screen is too small. First I click My Pictures 2012.

Then it's a hanging out event not work related

It was traveling to St. Helens, so its under Travel/Vacation

Here is it, St. Helens DONE (Done means I have processed the RAW files)


Hope it helps!


My Fear of Growing Up

I was standing in our small 6”9 living room, in our old gray farm house, looking up at my dad, when I said in a very convinced tone, “I am not going to graduate when I get older.”

I was 5 then. A small bundle of joy with cute cheeks and a personality that was intense. Oddly enough, even though it was such a long time ago, I remember that conversation I had with my dad so clearly. It was the day after one of my brother’s graduation. Very sunny out, happy feeling, and the house was decorated with balloons, and congratulation banners for my brother's graduation from high school.

My dad and I were having fun making silly noises with the helium from the balloons. I, however, was forcibly trying to make that high-pitched voice without letting go and letting the helium take full effect. “No Peter, just talk normally.” My dad said as he gulped in a bellow of air. “See I am just talking normally and my voice changes.” This time his voice was like a Christmas chipmunk and made me giggle.

I tried and tried and seemed to not fully grasp this intriguing concept. After letting out the air in another balloon I had in my hand, I suddenly got serious when I recalled the last night's graduation ceremony. “Dad,” I said as I looked up at him now in a more intellectual, matter-of-fact kind of way.


“Yes?” he replied.


“I'm not going to graduate when I get older.”


“Why not?”


“I don’t wanna give a speech in front of so many people.” You see, I had thought that in order to graduate you would have to give a speech of some kind. Public speaking terrified me. I was consumed with fear--I would not graduate, and that was that.


My dad gave a very warm smile and simply said, “I think you will change your mind when you get older.”


“No I won't,” I said, convinced. Little did I know that 13 years later I would not only be graduating high school, but I would also be giving a speech.

My point in bringing this anecdote up is to talk about fear. Fear has a way of making us believe we are incapable, or even unwilling to do something. Public speaking is many adults' worst fear so you can see why a 5-year-old might have some hesitations about it as well. But I was failing to let go, failing to trust God, not believing he would take me where I needed to go. Like with the helium, I was trying to make my own silly noises, instead of letting go and speaking plainly. I am still terrified of public speaking, but I am also terrified of my future. Will I be able to make it in photography? Will I be “set” in a few years? Will I have a clear vision of the future? On and on my mind can race, and think I won't be able to do what I need to do when the time comes. But I fail to trust my God. I fail to give Him the glory. I am afraid of failing.

However, I can trust in something greater than myself. I can focus on Him and not worry about falling down. Stop playing defensively trying to control everything. Rather, focus on God, put all your trust in Him and he will become your defense. He will be your full suit of armor. Sing loud, talk with confidence, eat well, play hard, be diligent, kick butt, and in the end may He get all the glory!


Rain, Weddings, History, and Salem

It was 6 in the morning and I was sitting in my car going over the days timeline. Configuring shots in my head and running through the game plan. I was to start shooting the getting ready shots at 7am so I was early (customary for Peter Mahar), and debriefing myself. The couple and I had gone out the night before and scouted different areas for the pictures, but that was if there was no rain.

Now it was 6:10 and is started to drizzle, then slowly pour. I then started coming up with my second plan of attack, and started grabbing my umbrella and picturing how I could still do outside shots and prevent  the bride and groom from getting to terribly wet.

I can't express enough how much these people were my people! So much fun, dancing and singing while getting ready, making jokes, and just having a great time! It could have been thundering outside with 60 mile and hour winds and they would still would be in a great mood!

You can just tell they are adorably cute and absolutely in love with each other! Bliss.

They took on the rain with zero hesitation and I have to thank them both so much for believing in my ability and giving me full reigns! They rocked it!

This is my competition now a days ;)

I love photo booths, they are so much fun at weddings. They had a little table available for the guests to insert their pictures right into their guest book with nice warm notes to the bride and groom.

Like the Nike logo, I told everyone, "Just do it!" At this point the rain was a lot more intense but they all went with it!

I kinda adore this picture because its like "Yes it's raining and were still happy!"  True Oregonians.



Peter M.


Three Words

My sister told me the other day that “epic”, “awesome”, and “amazing” seem to be my new favorite words. While I don’t know if I would categorize them as favorites (seeing that I don’t even really realize when I use them) I would say I’ve been in need of new descriptive words for describing my life and right now all I can think of is “epic”, “awesome”, and “amazing!”.



. First off, I have been meeting so many amazing people. There are lots of people in this world and we will never be able to meet everyone. But what do you do when it feels like more and more amazing people keep crawling crashing into your life with amazing stories, wisdom, guidance, and friendship? I’ve been back from Florida for almost a year and God has blessed me with such great community its nuts. So much blessing there are times I don’t know what to do with it all. I would say it’s one of those good problems to have for sure. All we really can do is bless His name and learn to be servants in these new communities and help one another! In the next few months I hope to showcase some of these amazing people with the hope that they might inspire you as they have greatly inspired me. So here’s to amazing people.



In addition to community and friends, I have been reading some awesome books! Let me start out by saying I never really “read” unless it was for school or the Bible. But even those I was never that “excited” about. Better yet, I never really had a hunger. Some awesome books that I highly recommend would be “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan, “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis (I don’t know how I never read this one), “Orthodoxy” by G.K Chesterton, “Meaning of Marriage” by Tim Keller, “The Hole in Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns, THE BIBLE, “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan, and “Real” by Daniel Darling. Not really sure how this happened (it’s probably those amazing people I was talking about before that inspired me), but I read all those books and not only enjoyed them but was shaken, moved, challenged, and motivated. So here’s to the awesome joy of reading.



Finally, I have been living an epic adventure! I don’t think we always realize how epic life is, how amazing this world is with breath, air, trees, dirt, water, even food. I climbed St. Helens for the first in a ridiculous outfit with a trash bag (that’s a story in itself). I went hiking and ran into my pastor, literally in the middle of nowhere, not sure if it had significance, but that was epic. I went camping a few times and am planning to go hiking again and kind of hope it rains because that will be epic. I love the idea of picking point A and point B on a map and taking a few days to hike between them with little to no provisions and trying to survive. A few others and me are starting to condition and work towards that. I will let you know how that goes. Here’s to more hiking, more exploring, and standing in awe with how epic God has made our world!

I don’t know how to encourage you enough to get you out of your comfort zone and reach out to people, but just do it, and you might be amazed by the people you meet. I can’t tell you enough how much books have kind of changed my life, if you don’t read like I did, pick up a book, you never know if you will find an awesome one. Take a breath and wonder about it. Touch the wind and marvel at it. Take a bite of pizza and just be happy about it. Go on your own epic adventure and praise God for it.

Blessings brothers and sisters!

Peter M.

In Love with Fall - Engagement Shoot

I wanna start out this post with a word I love hearing, fall! Fall, the season, is great because of the color change, the crisp cool air, the promise of thanksgiving and Christmas, and the horses that gallop through the foggy soaked pastures in the hill country of my mind. It's an interesting picture to say the lest. You know you love it too! Even the glow of the sun shifts, the morning fog sits low, and the golden tree's dance more elegantly then in spring and summer.  

Why the weird wordage, even peculiar way of explaining a season? Well I recently did an engagement shoot in the spirit of fall. It was interesting, educating, and most of all...epic! I can't help but have peculiar wordage that would only makes sense to someone who shares in my same sentiment.


I might be strange, but anyone with a sane mind would agree this is adorably cute and romantic.

One way I get couples to warm up is to have them whisper things into each others ears, they focus more on each other then the camera and we start to capture magic.

It's in my most humble opinion that some of the best pictures are when the photographer goes through the most pain, or gets the most dirty. This is not necessarily one of those pictures ;), but sometimes you have to be willing to be literally laying on the ground just to take a picture.

I have to explain this picture because, *cough,* I think it's amazing. Somehow I took the picture while throwing leaves up in the air, catching sun just right in the lens, and both of them giving an amazing smile (probably because I looked ridiculous throwing leaves with one hand and taking a picture in the other).

Yes you instantly thought of that song when you were a kid, "Lisa and Roland sitting in a tree..."


Yours Truly,

Peter M.

Maegan - Senior Photos

Well greetings and salutations monday morning and fellow internet users!  

Today I would like to briefly touch on a few tips durring a shoot that might help the next person you photography lighten up and give you a bright awesome smile.

When working with couples (engagement shoots) I find it much easier to get my people relaxed because I have them talking to each other, hugging, interacting, and just having that other person there always seems to relax both people. When I am doing single portraits I find that much different. Not necessarily "harder" but different. This means I have to rely on phrases and things to help the person relax. Don't get me wrong I have tried many different phrases and while some work for certain people, others get offended and actually makes them shut down...lets just say you get better with practice ;)

To save myself from repeating some embarrassing phrases I will just summarize today's tips into three things you might want to use on your next shoot.

1. Give MANY words of affirmation (positive feedback):

This took me a long time to fully grasp and get the hang of. When I first started out in photography I would "naturally" communicate to people what they were doing wrong and what looked bad. While this "can" be helpful, I found them starting to shut down and giving me no real joy. However if you focus on the good (i.e "Oh man you look fantastic at that angle!") they start to feel more #badass and confident which is vital to any successful shoot. Most the people we photograph are not models, you have to make them feel like a model.

2. Communication:

Personally I don't think you can ever have too much of this. I try and let them know why I am positioning them the way I am, I tell them what will be happening next, I even tell them when I wont be talking to them. Otherwise I find my people asking me "so what should I be doing with my hands? Does my hair look good like this? Where should I be looking?" When this starts to happen, you will find yourself starting to loose control of the shoot. They start loosing confidence in themselves and wonder if what they are doing looks good or bad. What matters is them having confidence. This is why you need to give words of affirmation and communicate what you are trying to do. You can also try to tell jokes which I often crash and burn at. With that being said, I do find making fun of myself works the best, everyone enjoys laughing AT me.

3. Make them do active things:

What I mean by this is ask them to dance, twirl, move back and forth, etc. What ends up happening if you don't do this, they will just stand in one place and slowly but surely look like a deer in headlights. When you ask them to spin in a circle then look at the camera, you can capture way more "in the moment shots," that captures "them!" Looking up then looking at the camera is also helpful with "refreshing" their face. When people look into the camera for too long, they will start to look lifeless. Get the blood pumping by getting them active.

It also helps to get their mind off the fact there is a camera right in their face.

I am always amazed by how much people open up after we both do silly things. If I say do a "guttural laugh," you only do it after I demonstrate. "Or jump up in the air," after I show you how high.

Have a good case of the Mondays!


Peter M.


An Exception

Strictly speaking I don't normally post family shoots because I am moving more and more to weddings. However in the case of my old time friends the Akers, I just had to make an exception. I think the photos below will show you why. I am a sucker for raw images that just exude emotion and make you feel happy, sad, etc. In this case I feel jovial when looking at their darling faces!

I start most shoots with just talking to my people and giving them the run down. Explaining some basic standing tips, angles, and lighting stuff. Then I go into why I position them the way I do, even as far as some technical photography stuff (back lighting, exposure, and highlights). Yes, I am extreme ;) However, it really helps everyone during the shoot because they learn something and know how to stand because they know what I am looking for. Most professional Models are much easier to photograph because they have been taught, well most the people I photograph they don't even know some of the basics. That's why I chime in and speak openly!

This is what I call "fake laughing". It does two thing: 1) helps everybody get more comfortable 2) often gets everyone happy and excited, which is what you want! With most shoots there is always that one person that doesn't really want to be there, they can take every body's excitement out. I believe it's the photographers job to keep everyone happy and having a good time. Even if I have to say, "Everybody look up at the sky and on three look at Peter Pie."

This is Patrick, one of good guys out there in the world. Great heart and never this serious. He always seems like he's in a good mood, just don't play a game of monopoly with him and expect to get through the whole game...he keeps the active life and is never board of it.

That's the Patrick I know (laughing at one of my dumb jokes).

That's Lucy and her recently acquired husband as of August this year! They are just darling together...can't you tell?

This is Sadie, bright, bold,  and ranked in the best category in her family (the youngest).

The parents, kinda need them.

All fun and games.

This is how I will remember most the shoot. Fanatically charged and rigged to be a success.


Have an amazing Saturday! Hope this made your gut fill with joy,

Peter M.



Being A Kid

Today is amazing, for no other reason than the glorious wind! It’s spectacular because it’s powerful and all-consuming when you're in it. I feel like a kid when I’m in the wind. It brings back memories from when I lived up in the Gorge. I remember some days when the wind would be 50-80mph, and, having no kites, I took black garbage bags, tide strings to them, and set them loose to the wind. The force of trying to hold the bags almost took me down to my face! It was epic. Gah!

This might be one reason why I love going to the beach all the time. You can almost count on wind there. Salty sea, golden sand, and if you are in Oregon, slight chance of rain. ;)


Swings are almost as wonderful because you are able to move through the air, forcing wind to your face. I think the fact you can almost feel hopeless in the strong wind makes you feel like a kid again. I am reminded by how amazing our Savior is and the power He controls. Glimpses of that power is shown in the ocean, wind, rain, storms, and even the sun. Creation itself shows the splendor of His name.

Building forts out of blankets is another great childhood memory. Until recently, having a few nieces and nephews, I have had no reason to build them. But then I thought, even if I didn’t have nieces or nephews I can still technically build forts. ;)

Children have an amazing ability to have great wonder about the world around us. They are able to have fun with some of the simplest things because they are still fascinated by them. I urge us to be fascinated once again. Stop thinking so hard, stop being so serious all the time, and stop trying to be so perfect! Have a little child-like faith, fly a kite, wonder in the wind, ask questions, and be flabbergasted (I like this word)! After all, our God is amazing, and I thank kids for reminding me!

Happy awkwardly placed Wednesday of the week!


Peter M.


Kelsey and David

These shoots are usually the most rewarding because the couples have little to no faith in their ability to "pose" for a good picture. But seeing is believing and you and I can see they are adorable! One of the best tricks I do to help my peoples feel more relaxed and in their environment, is to get them to interact with each other. This makes the pictures way more natural and makes the camera way less intimidating. They rocked it and needed little to no help from me.  

It was also very exciting because while we were taking pictures we saw an actor from Grim! It was funny because we were doing an "action" series in which I tell the couple to do a certain action and have to yell the literal words "action" right when I'm ready. Ironically right when I yelled "action," the actor from Grim walked into frame and looked very confused and almost ambushed because here is a photographer crouching down on the ground taking lots of pictures and yelling action. I brought my camera down and was silent (because I don't know what to do when a famous person is near me), we looked at each other as he kept on walking. I could have talked to him but I was working and I didn't want to get all "unprofessional".


I love the show mostly because it's based out of PORTLAND! I miss her already. I think I am going to go watch an episode right now! Latter


Happy Friday!