My Mission: To take ordinary people and tell there amazing stories through extraordinary photographs. I strive to capture truly joyful images that might be enjoyed by people around the world.

I really love images that can stand out on their own, without cliché borders, weird photoshop effects, or ridiculous editing. What is happening in the image is what makes it great, someones genuine smile, smirk, tear, or frown can't be staged, but it can be captured. We are talking about those once in a life time moments that I would love to capture with you.

I always use the phrase "I dont work with clients I work with friends" and there is a big difference. You see your photographer a lot on your wedding day and if you dont get along, let alone feel comfortable with that photographer your pictures will suffer. Photography is an investment so make sure the guy you get values you and what you really care about. 

I wish I could say everything I do is for God’s glory. I can’t. What I can say is that Jesus’ blood covers all my efforts to glorify myself.
— Tullian Tchividjian